• Sai Sai Kham Leng was born in Taunggyi, Myanmar in 1979 to a Sao Pha of Mongpowng, Shan Royal Family of Sao Weilu Theingi (Cho Cho San Tun, a granddaughter of Sao San Htun, a signatory to the 1947 Panglong Agreement) and U Sai Kham Leng. A family of 6 members, making him an eldest son with 2 younger sisters and 1 younger brother. Having a music accomplished father who ran a mini recording studio named ‘Freedom’, from childhood, music has become a big part of his life.

    From 1984 to 1996, he attended No(1) B.E.H.S – Taunggyi, graduating high school in 1996. At the age of 10, he discovered his passion after getting inspiration listening to Zaw Win Htut’s album.
  • In 1997, he relocated to the capital city of Myanmar, Yangon to follow his passion and to catch his dream of becoming a singer. As born and raised in a rural city, arriving the city of Yangon was a big adventure for him. Even though, he was crazed about music he did not have any clue which type of music genre he should step into – he loves music that’s all he knew! He always have thanked that one friend of his who gifted him an album called ‘Hip Hop Collection’ which consists of 2 CDs. Since then, he revolved into Music industry releasing his very first album called ‘Chocolate Yaung Yay Kae’ Eain mat’’ in 2000. At the same time, he was also admitted to Dagon University majoring English subject and graduated in 2003. Unfortunately, the album was a failure but that did not stop him to stand up and try again. A year later, he released his second album called ‘Thu Nge Chin Myar Swar’’ which turned out to be a success creating him a place to stand in Myanmar Music industry. In 2003, his third album called ‘’February Mhat Tann’’ was released and the song ‘One nal mhat tan’ proved a smash, hitting the number one slot in the country. Other hit singles followed and the album was a commercial success.
  • Sai Sai is now established as one of the well-known music Icons of Myanmar and cemented his position with the release of his next album ‘Sai Sai Live in Yangon’ which spawned more huge hits. Many awards and music industry records have followed since then. In 2006 Sai Sai made the move into movies, releasing his first film ‘Mingala bah’’ followed by 3 other remarkable films and 50+ direct to videos at presence. Sai Sai embarked on his first solo concert ‘Sai Sai Live’ in 2004 followed by ‘Sai Sai Birthday Show’ Concert in April every year, gaining thousands of ticket sales which is currently the highest number in Myanmar music industry. The birthday concert has been a consistency since then.

    Sai Sai has started his own record label called ‘Frenzo production’ and has signed a few talented artists.
    Sai Sai Kham Leng
    DOB – 10th April 1979, Tuesday
    Height – 5’ 10’’
    Weight – 64kg
    Race – Shan
    Religion – Theravada Buddhist
  • 1979 : Born to Sao Weilu Theingi (Cho Cho San Tun) and U Sai Kham Leng Taunggyi, Shan State, Myanmar.
    1980-1982 : Lived in Aung Ban
    1982 Relocated to Taung Gyi
    1982-1984 : Government Pre-school in Taunggyi, Myoma Quarter
    1984-1996 : Attended No (1) B.E.H.S Taunggyi. As a child, he played basketball and judo as sports and singing as his hobby. He participated in several basketball and judo matches and performed singing in school concerts.
    1996 : Graduated high school in 1996
    1997 : Moved to Yangon to follow the dream of becoming a singer
    Started stepping in the modeling industry by joining John Lwin’s John International Modeling Agency
    1982-1984 : Went to government pre-school , MyoMa, Taunggyi
    1984-1996 : Went to No (1) State High School, Taunggyi
    1996 : Graduated high school
    2003 : Graduated from Dagon University majoring in English (B.A)
    2004 : Graduated from Yangon University of Foreign Language (Post-grad Diploma)
    1998 – 2002 : Starred in various karaoke music albums
    2000 : Produced debut album “Chocolate Yaung Yay Kae’ Eain mat’” which was not well known.
    2000 onwards : Started participating in TV commercial model while trying to enter the music industry
    2001 : Produced his second album “Thu Nge Chin Myar Swar” and has become a well-known singer throughout the country ever since.
    2000 : Chocolate Yaung Yay Khae Eait Met (Chocolate Colour Icy Dream)
    2001 : Thu Nge Chinn Myarr Swar (Friends)
    2003 : February Hmat Tann (February Diary)
    2004 : Sai Sai Live in Yangon
    2005 : Sai Sai Hu Khaw The (It’s Called Sai Sai)
    2007 : Happy Sai Sai Birthday
    2009 : Ever Golli (Always Drifter)
    2012 : Date Date Kyae (Top-Notch)
  • Music Video Albums
    2002 : Thu Nge Chinn Myarr Swar (Friends)
    2003 : February Hmat Tann (February Diary)
    2004 : Sai Sai Live in Yangon
    2006 : Sai Sai Hu Khaw The (It’s Called Sai Sai)
    2007 : Happy Sai Sai Birthday
    2010 : Ever Golli (Always Drifter)
    2014 : Date Date Kyae (Top-Notch)
    2002: Pyan Pyaw Pya Phoh Taw Taw Khet Leit Me (Would Be Quite Difficult to Tell)
    2002: Mein Ma (Woman)
    2002: A Chit Mya Zwar A Twet (For All My Love)
    2003: Bawa Bawa(Life Life)
    2003: City FM 2nd Anniversary
    2004: Nat Thamee Pon Pyin (Fariy Tale)
    2006: Rock & Rap Live Show
    2006: A-Lwan Ye Nya (Night of Missing)
    2006: A Yin Lo Seit Ma Cha Loh Bar Shin (Because I Can No Longer Trust)
    2006: Angel
    2007: 10 Seconds
    2007: City FM 6th Anniversary
    2008: City FM 7th Anniversary
    2011: City FM 10th Anniversary
    City FM-Best selling album of the year 2006
    City FM-Best selling album of the year 2007
    City FM-Best selling album of the year 2013
    Shwe FM-Male artist single 2010
    Shwe FM-Artist of the year 2013
    Shwe FM-People’s choice 2014
    Myanmar Music Award-People’s choice 2014 (Monsoon)
    World Music Award Nominee as Myanmar Artist 2014
    Myanmar Music Award - People’s Choice 2014 (Winter)
    Myanmar Music Award – Long Lastly Award 2014 (Winter)
    2004 : First Sai Sai Solo Concert (Strand Hotel)
    2004 to 2014 : Concerts held every year on 10th April for Sai Sai Birthday.
    10th Concert in 2014

    Other Activities
    2012 : Performed at the MTV exit live Myanmar (Historic grand concert promotes anti-human trafficking in Myanmar)
    2013 : Presenter – Myanmar’s first Miss Universe Pageant after 64 years.
    2013 : Performed the opening and closing ceremony at the Myanmar’s first Sea Games as home country.
    - Mingala bah 2006
    - Gon Shane Pyin Tat Chit Chin Thate Khar 2007
    - Yin Khon Hnin Si 2008
    - Adam, Eve and Datsa 2011
    - Angel of Eden 2015 (post production)
    - Jone Jone Jett Jett 2016 (post production)
    - Filmmakers 2016 (filming)

    Estimated number: 50+
    2006 : Sek Ku Nget (Paper Crane)
    2008 : Kan Ko Swel Ywe Hmone Thi Chel, Hmin Yay Kyae Ei Ma Kyae Ei (We Draw Life By Fortune. Maybe Bold or not)

    2013 to Present : Coca Cola Myanmar
    2014 to Present : DFM Motors
    2014 to Present : Honda Motor Cycle
    2014 to Present : Samsung Mobile
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